Industry 4.0 / IoT+m

Shibaura Machine's core competency is its vast knowledge and expertise in machinery, machining, and molding that was gained through many years in manufacturing. By combining Shibaura Machine's collective capabilities as a machinery manufacturer with IoT technology, we can provide customers with valuable information for meeting their needs (expectations), and this is what the concept of IoT+m means. With IoT+m as a springboard, Shibaura Machine has moved beyond industry boundaries for implementing measures for greater productivity at customer worksites.

machiNet Platform

In the system where machiNet is implemented, status information about various equipment and machines at the manufacturing site (physical space) and the worker information are collected into an edge computer, and this data is stored in an on-premises or cloud server for providing visualization of the equipment and machine statuses and worker information, and then AI or other algorithms are used to analyze the data for resolving on-site issues. Also, the standard protocol OPC UA is used for making connections with upper-level systems such as edge computers, servers, MES, and ERP.

IoT+m Steps of Progress

Shibaura Machine's IoT+m makes progress from machine digitization and visualization to smart factory step by step along with customer.  The first step in IoT is to digitize and store useful data. Next, this is analyzed by humans for assisting in resolving issues and building a knowledge base. Once enough data has been collected, AI or another method is used to automatically conduct analysis. The ultimate goal is to automatically apply the analysis results.

Data Management Software Tools

Machines from Shibaura Machine are provided with application software for data collection and monitoring that is specific to that machine type.

This software includes mPAQET for machine tools, iPAQET for injection molding machines, dPAQET for die casting machines, ePAQET for extrusion machines, and more, and this lineup is collectively called xPAQET. Normally, one type of software application from xPAQET is provided and installed on the edge computer upon request by the customer.