SXIII Series Highlights

V70 Controller - 19" True Split Screen with Touch/Swipe Functionality

With the new Injectvisor V70, you get a controller designed with the smart factory in mind, one that’s capable of integrating with auxiliary equipment via OPC-UA communication. Packed with new tools for speeding up mold set ups, optimizing cycle times, analyzing part defects, troubleshooting molding defects and more, giving you a faster payback on your machinery investment.

Ball Screws - uniquely designed for high performance and long operating life

Ball screws designed specifically for injection molding with a dual run of balls that spread the load over twice the area of typical ball screws.  We also incorporate spacers between each ball ensuring long, trouble-free operating life.

Linear Guides for Rigid, Precise Machine Movements

On the moving platen, linear guides are used instead of tie bar bushing to ensure steady, precise movement.  This friction free drive system is also used on the injection unit to ensure more accurate injection speed and back pressure control.  This ensures shot-to-shot repeatability over the life of the machine.

Bushing Free, Grease Free Tie Bars

With bushing-free, grease-free tie bars, there's less chance of contaminating molded parts, increasing your shop's quality.

5-point Linkline toggle mechanism - even force distribution, extended mold life, and reduced maintenance

The ECSXIII's 5-point Linkline toggle mechanism is angled to distribute force evenly across the platen, increasing quality and minimizing defects.  It has the added benefit of extending mold life and reducing machine maintenance.

Dual Hydraulic Core Pull Program & Electrical Interface

Our machines come equipped with dual core pull programming and interface.  Portable hydraulic power units are sold separately, but can be added at any time.  Our portable hydraulic units simply plug into the standard interface, for easy, "plug and play" use.

Auto Tonnage Adjustment via Strain Gauge on Tie Bar

This feature utilizes a strain gauge on the tie bar to monitor actual tonnage.  Tonnage can be automatically adjusted on-the-fly to ensure accurate tonnage at all times.  This prevents over-tonnage as the mold heats up and expands, helping to prevent mold damage and early tool wear.

SPI Robot Interface Receptacle

Shibaura ECSXIII machines come equipped with a Euromap 67 (50 pin) robot interface receptacle.  Euromap 12 (32 pin) robot interface is also available.

Auxiliary Equipment Integration Available

The OPC-UA architectures of our V70 controller allows the possibility of integration with ancillary equipment as well as potential data communication with plant ERP and MES systems.  

Dual Air Blow

Shibaura machines come equipped with dual air blow for help with ejecting difficult parts.

Single Pneumatic Core Pull (timer only) and Single Pneumatic Valve Gate

Single Pneumatic Core Pull, timer only & Single Zone Pneumatic Valve Gate

Heater Band Failure Alarm

This feature allow you to quickly identify a failed heater band and replace it quickly.  With competitor's machines, first the process suffers as a particular heat zone struggles to maintain temperature.  Once someone recognizes that there is likely a failed heater band, they must then test each band within that zone to determine which one is bad.

Quick Connect Heaters

Quick connection for heater bands and thermocouples using Harting connectors.

6 selectable, programmable output signals

Six selectable, programmable output signals

USB Memory Ports

USB Memory Ports

Advanced Load Cell for Injection

The ECSXIII uses and advanced load cell which ensures accurate control of injection pressure.  In combination with the V70 controller, this load cell achieves scientific molding over the balance of the mold without the use of internal transducers.

Easy access to ejector plate

Easy access to the ejector plate of the machine, for faster, easier mold changes.