• Our EC30SXIIV50 is compact yet powerful. Easy to use with all of the powerful processing tools associated with our proven V50 controller.
  • Robust, 5-point Linkline toggle mechanism is angled to distribute force evenly across the platen, increasing quality and minimizing defects. It has the added benefit of extending mold life and reducing machine maintenance.
  • Simple, Steady, Smooth – Friction free drive system ensures more accurate injection speed and back pressure control, improving shot-to-shot repeatability through the processing cycle.
  • Strain gauge adjusts tonnage automatically and on the fly during the molding cycle. This ensures accurate tonnage at all times.
  • Available Integrated Hot Runner Controller. Minimize your footprint by integrating the hot runner control panel into the machine and controlling the Hot Runner System directly through the V70 controller.
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All-Electric SXIII Machine

With the ECSXIII, molders get an injection molding machine that delivers fast injection speeds and dry cycle times, ensures longer mold life and provides more uniform clamping force, for greater productivity, flexibility, and versatility, job after job.


Tonnage - Metric (Metric Tons)

320 x 290

Tie Bar Distance (HxV) - Metric (mm) 7

440 x 420

Platen Dimensions (HxV) - Metric (mm)

13 to 45

Injection Capacity (PS) - Metric (g)

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Dual Hydraulic Core Pull Program & Electrical Interface

Our machines come equipped with dual core pull programming and interface.  Portable hydraulic power units are sold separately, but can be added at any time.  Our portable hydraulic units simply plug into the standard interface, for easy, "plug and play" use.

Bushing Free, Grease Free Tie Bars

With bushing-free, grease-free tie bars, there's less chance of contaminating molded parts, increasing your shop's quality.

Linear Guides for Rigid, Precise Machine Movements

On the moving platen, linear guides are used instead of tie bar bushing to ensure steady, precise movement.  This friction free drive system is also used on the injection unit to ensure more accurate injection speed and back pressure control.  This ensures shot-to-shot repeatability over the life of the machine.

SPI Robot Interface Receptacle

Shibaura ECSXIII machines come equipped with a Euromap 67 (50 pin) robot interface receptacle.  Euromap 12 (32 pin) robot interface is also available.

Auto Tonnage Adjustment via Strain Gauge on Tie Bar

This feature utilizes a strain gauge on the tie bar to monitor actual tonnage.  Tonnage can be automatically adjusted on-the-fly to ensure accurate tonnage at all times.  This prevents over-tonnage as the mold heats up and expands, helping to prevent mold damage and early tool wear.

Auxiliary Equipment Integration Available

The OPC-UA architectures of our V70 controller allows the possibility of integration with ancillary equipment as well as potential data communication with plant ERP and MES systems.  

5-point Linkline toggle mechanism - even force distribution, extended mold life, and reduced maintenance

The ECSXIII's 5-point Linkline toggle mechanism is angled to distribute force evenly across the platen, increasing quality and minimizing defects.  It has the added benefit of extending mold life and reducing machine maintenance.

Dual Air Blow

Shibaura machines come equipped with dual air blow for help with ejecting difficult parts.

Heater Band Failure Alarm

This feature allow you to quickly identify a failed heater band and replace it quickly.  With competitor's machines, first the process suffers as a particular heat zone struggles to maintain temperature.  Once someone recognizes that there is likely a failed heater band, they must then test each band within that zone to determine which one is bad.

6 selectable, programmable output signals

Six selectable, programmable output signals

USB Memory Ports

USB Memory Ports

Single Pneumatic Core Pull (timer only) and Single Pneumatic Valve Gate

Single Pneumatic Core Pull, timer only & Single Zone Pneumatic Valve Gate

Advanced Load Cell for Injection

The ECSXIII uses and advanced load cell which ensures accurate control of injection pressure.  In combination with the V70 controller, this load cell achieves scientific molding over the balance of the mold without the use of internal transducers.

V50 Controller

15" TFT Color Liquid Display w/Split Screen

User Log-in / Access Control

Easily set permission levels for machine operators, maintenance personnel, production managers, administration and more.  By requiring users to log in, you can easily see the changes made to your process, who made the changes, and when the changes were made.  

Process Monitoring

Monitor up to 16 processing parameters.  You can easily set tolerances around those items and signal an alarm if any of the items move outside of the allowable processing window.  Trend charts and SPC/SQC functions are included.


The history screen shows the last set-up changes that were made along with alarms, and machine stoppages.  This allows you to see what changes were made to the process, by whom, and at what time.

Accessible Machine Ladder Logic

The user has access to the machine ladder logic.  This allows the user to see what inputs and outputs are active in real time.

Storage of up to 300 mold recipes

The V50 controller provides storage for up to 300 mold recipes.  Notes and pictures can be stored along with the set-up data giving operators more information about the process they are setting up.

Injection Profile Graph

Real time graphic representation of the injection process showing pressure and speed during both injection and holding.  This can be set to refresh each shot or to overlay, allowing the operator to easily see variations. This can be especially useful during process set-up.

Production Management

The production management tool allows you to track progress toward completion of the production run.  Good parts, reject parts, and total parts are tracked.  Separate counters are available to collect part counts by shift, day, and week.  


4 year Warranty